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We help parents, grandparents and other relatives that wish to maintain contact with a child, or are otherwise concerned about a child’s welfare. Often issues arise following the breakdown of a relationship. One parent prevents that child seeing his father. The father might want contact, and grandparents might want to maintain their relationship with the child. There may be disagreements as to how a child should be schooled, whether they should be brought up to follow a particular religion, whether medical treatment should be withheld.


The law gives priority to the interests of the child. However angry one adult might be with another, what matters is what benefits the child. All involved have to appreciate that, and our advice is always based on that simple premise.


We also recognise that the best arrangements are made willingly between the adults involved, rather than being imposed by the courts. We advise clients on their options, and encourage them to ensure that the ex partner receives good, independent advice. With both parties fully informed we encourage them to reach an agreement that they are both happy with, and will stand by.


If required by clients we can introduce mediators, counsellors and other professionals that will help them to reach such an agreement without incurring unnecessary legal fees.


We view court proceedings as a last resort, but where there really is no other option that is the route we will take. Courts have power to make a wide range of decisions affecting a child’s welfare; not just whether they spend their Saturdays with Mum or Dad. Stuart Hughes and Melanie Pilmer have handled numerous cases of this type and are members of “Resolution”, committed to encouraging parties to reach lasting agreements, rather than fighting.


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"I thank you with all my heart for the strength and support you showed me at the times of my utter despair. Without your help and guidance there was no chance of happiness and I will forever be truly grateful and never forget what you have done for me and my little three.

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"The overall level of service was absolutely excellent - it surpassed all our expectations.


We (initially) sought advice from four other solicitors in the area because we wanted a solicitor that we felt we could trust. Child Contact is such an emotional issue that we were looking for a team of solicitors that understood how important this was to us, a team we felt would do the very best for us, whatever the outcome was in Court. All the solicitors we saw had the same level of knowledge but it was the "extra" that we were looking for and we certainly found it within Greene & Greene."