"Expertise in the energy sector, where it frequently advises on
complex renewable energy projects."

Chambers & Partners UK 2016


Greene & Greene's involvement and expertise in dealing with Energy and Renewables projects has grown significantly over the past few years. The team has acted on a wide variety of specialist energy schemes, including:


On shore wind farms;

Off shore wind farms;

Solar Photovoltaics;

Anaerobic Digestion Plants;

Energy from waste plants;

Wave engergy; and

Biomass systems.


In addition, Greene & Greene has years of experience, dealing with approximately 86km of high voltage cable connections, serving generation potential approaching 1GW between offshore wind farms and onshore grid - enough power to approximately 660,000 houses. We also advise on development agreements for land owners. Present schemes have values well in excess of 2billion, where we procure underground cable connections and liaise with the Crown and regulatory authorities at senior levels. We also work closely with developers, environmental scientists and land agents.


Examples of the work carreid out by Greene & Greene in this area include:


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Neil Walmsley, Neil Grigg, and Tim Mendes da Costa advised on the funding and development of anaerobic digestion plants;

Advising Scira Offshore Energy on the acquisition of rights over 23km of land to connect an offshore wind farm to the National Grid, supporting the environmental impact assessment of that project and dealing with planning issues;

Neil Grigg has recently advised on the development of a solar PV farm in Suffolk;

Neil Walmsley and Mark Daly provide on-going advice to an anaerobic digestion plant operator;

Simon Ratcliffe provides on-going advice to a wind turbine research and development company;

Neil Walmsley, Mark Daly, and Tim Mendes da Costa have advised on a food production project, with heating supplied by an energy from waste plant;

Michael Batty advised on wind farm projects regarding defence of a noise nuisance claim and planning objections;

Mark Daly, and Neil Walmsley advise a client specialising in the development, acquisition and operation of power projects (primarily solar PV) regarding:

- Shareholder matters;

- The acquisition of development companies;

- Commercial contracts with suppliers;

- Finance and lending facilities; and

- Associated property matters;

Early stage advice on the second largest wind farm in the world, examining compulsory purchase and route options for the onshore connection ; and

Mark Daly acted on an investment and shareholder dispute in a wave energy development company.


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